& Modern Life !

Do you believe you have enough healthy gut bacteria? Think again, consider these facts below;

Do you know that when you’ve been on a course of anti-biotics, these anti-biotics cannot distinguish between good and bad bacteria and zaps them all. It can take up to 6 months for the good bacteria to re-populate the gut; some unlucky people can take even longer.
Do you use anti-bacterial wipes? Anti-bacterial washing up liquid, anti-bacterial cleaning sprays in your house, if you do, it is inevitable that you will be ingesting some of the antibacterial agents and they will be destroying the good bacteria in your gut.

How about anti-bacterial soaps, gels, hand washes,

they are all doing the same thing

When we go into a restaurant or coffee bar or any eating establishment, the waitress will have sprayed the table and cleaned it with an anti-bacterial agent before we sit down. We are bound to be ingesting some of that anti-bacterial product, when you put your knife and fork down on the table or touch the table and then your mouth you will be ingesting anti-bacterial agents which will deplete your healthy gut bacteria.

Don’t be too hard on yourself, I do it also, it’s all around us anti-bacterial mania is part of modern life, we want everything to be super clean.

The stress of modern life, coupled with a lack of sleep can also cause a depletion of healthy gut bacteria.

All of these factors can lead to a reduction in general health, a vulnerability to colds and viruses, digestive problems, tiredness, lethargy, weight gain, bloating. Other more serious consequences of this lack of good bacteria are an increased risk of autoimmune disease and a variety of other ailments which can be combatted by regularly consuming Kefir throughout your life.